Waste Management

Achieving zero-waste is a common goal shared by municipalities across continents. Because of this emerging market, Rational Network has responded to it's customers demand for waste management within the Control2Net solution.

Waste-sorting meters and sorting-grade meters are simply configured in Control2Net Silver. Waste managers can easily register waste amount for each meter whenever needed. This can be done manually or automatically by uploading waste-data files via email or ftp to our Control2Net server.

With a click of a mouse button, the user can view graphical reports for waste management for multiple building. The systme also manages CO2 emission as well as cost. CO2 emission is easily setup as "activity driver" in Control2Net Silver. Waste tariffs can also be defined in Control2Net Silver to automatically transform waste weight/volume to cost.

Specialized reports for the authorities in each country can easily be added or adapted.


Click image to enlarge. This screen-shot shows a simple, easy to understand waste-management report from Control2Net Profiler.

Waste Management

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