Street Lighting

By the introduction of electronic ballasts and also the LED technology for Street Lighting the market for advanced street light control system has opened, where each street light pole can be controlled and monitored. For this purpose a technology that can address and communicate with each pole is needed. There are 3 solutions:

  1. Dedicated wires. Expensive and only possible when installing at "new streets".
  2. Wireless. Problematic because of security issues as well as communication issues like building shadows.
  3. Power Line Communication. The best chose if there exist a robust enough PLC protocol.

 With the introduction of our PLC technology, using option 3, is now realistic for first time. The technology has been widely tested in street lighting setups with perfect results. Because of the automatic packet routing (via dynamic repeaters) supported in our PLC technology we can theoretically communicate endless distance over the power line to the last pole on the street.

Rational Network with it's sister company Rational Products is cooperating with major players in the street lighting industry, both for sodium lamps as well as LED technology. Some pilot projects are already running with very promising results. Our Segment Builder installed with special street lighting firmware plays the key role in each setup.

Combining our technology with our software platform Control2Net gives the cutting edge solution totally outperforming our competitors.

Key Features:

  • Per pole dimming.
  • Per pole lamp status.
  • Advanced lighting schedule setup.
  • Astronomic Clock.
  • Vehicle Road Information control (traffic counters, rain, humidity, temperature, etc.).
  • Pole Grouping.
  • Alarming (lamp, failure, lamp aging, etc.)
  • Graphic Map shows poles and pole status.
  • Powerful energy management.
  • Easy management of hundreds of thousands poles from one point (Control2Net).

Key Benefits:

  • Reliable communication to each light pole.
  • Up to 50% of energy consumption reduction and associated CO2 savings.
  • Less light pollution (Dark Sky recommendations).
  • Light level controllable as needed (weather, traffic,presence, emergency, etc).
  • Urban security is increased.
  • Emergency routs can be set on full intensity by demand (Fire, Ambulance, Police).
  • Less street light maintenance cost.
  • Control anything anytime via Control2Net software.

Street Lighting

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