Rational Network provide it's end customers with a powerful and affordable software solution to manage distributed devices, like energy meters, street lights, pump controllers, etc. It also includes powerful reporting. The solution is web based, hosted by Rational Network, minimizing cost and skill needed to run and use the system. The end customer only pays a low yearly fee for each attached device (channel). No software installation is needed by the end customer. A web browser and Internet connection is all he needs.

Currently Control2Net contains 3 main parts discussed in more details below:

  • Control2Net Silver. The flagship for managing your distributed device network, but also for advanced reporting, alarming and accounting.
  • Control2Net Profiler. Simple to use reporting system to visualize the collected data (e.g. energy consumption), as easy to understand information by graphs and numbers.
  • RHINO Field Test Tool. The only specialized tool to configure and debug PLC-based RHINO network.

Control2Net Silver

This powerful web application is constantly under development as our customers request new features and enhancements. Its modular design maximizes flexibility, where modules loaded is controlled by the user log-in.

The software is based on Microsoft™ cutting edge Silverlight web technology, combined with the world's fastest database & time-series engine provided by IBM™ Informix.

This selection of platform enables Desktop like experience and speed. No matter how much data is pumped into the time-series engine (energy-, temperature-logs, etc.), the performance will always be the same, totally independent of the amount of data stored.
This plus the support for the RHINO Power Line Carrier technology, distincs our solution from our competitors.

Control2Net currently includes 19 base modules, plus one specialized module. More modules will be added as needed and/or by customer request. For detailed information about each module and overall software structure, please refer to our Online Documentation. Although the modules are independent, those communicate with each other giving a nice synchronization between different modules.

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Key Features:

  • Desktop user experience. No post-backs or wait time for web pages loading.
  • Can run outside the browser.
  • All web browsers supported that allow Microsoft Silverlight plug-in including IE, Chrome, FireFox, Opera, etc.
  • Different languages are automatically supported by Google Translate on the fly when needed. Auto-translated texts can be refined and saved in the database.
  • Powerful Alarming System.
  • Advanced reporting and report-design, including statistics reports like CUSUM, etc.
  • Data normalization configuration, like normalizing consumption with outside temperature or units produced.
  • Scheduled reports can be sent automatically by email, every day, week, etc.
  • Time-series Management, including setup of calculated time series.
  • Tariff definitions encapsulating the most complex tariffs.
  • Device action management and advanced Scheduler to schedule actions against devices, etc.
  • Geographic Mapping of devices etc. visualizing alarm-status, quick-reports, etc.
  • Pivot-enabled Image management to enrich all the system with images (buildings, devices, etc.)
  • Commenting and "Rich Reports".
  • Full PLC RHINO support.

Key Benefits:

  • No software installation needed.
  • Very cost effective, no IT management needed as RN takes care of that for you.
  • Windows 8 ready, straight path to Windows 8 Metro Application.
  • Direct Windows Phone support for mobile phones (Nokia, HTC, Samsung, etc.)
  • Easily extendible for each client needs.


Control2Net Profiler

Although Control2Net Silver includes powerful reporting, it is not always the power a user needs. More often it is the simplicity he require. This is specially true for users that are not using the system every day, and novice users. After listening to customers needs RN implemented Control2net Profiler. It is extremely easy to use without sacrificing to much functionality.

Key Features:

  • Reports shown in graphics as well as tabular data.
  • Different languages are automatically supported by Google Translate on the fly when needed. Auto-translated texts can be refined and saved in the database.
  • Easy information aggregation (hour, day, week, month, year, etc.)
  • Report drill-down to details.
  • Information viewable as cost, if connected to tariffs.
  • Includes all most common Energy Management and Targeting reports, like Consumption, ET-curves, CUSUM, Ranking, etc.
  • Specialized reports as pop-ups.
  • Simple to export report results, to Excel. PDF, etc.

Key Benefits:

  • Simplicity, easy to use even for the least skilled users.
  • Only a web browser is needed at client side.
  • Visualizes data as information in a very powerful and easy to understand way.
  • Visualizes data from different angles, with or without normalization.

Screen-shot samples, click to enlarge:

For detailed information about Control2Net Profiler refer to the Online Documentation.

RHINO Field Test Tool (RFTT)

RFTT is and application intended for system installers, to configure PLC based RHINO networks and devices. It is also important for failure diagnosis in remote RHINO devices.

Key Features:

  • Support for both RHINO-1 as well as RHINO-2
  • Connects to RHINO device via RS232 or the Internet via an Internet Gateway.
  • Device definition editor.
  • Each device property can be read and/or written.
  • "Human understandable" editor for each property to convert hexadecimal strings to easily readable information.
  • Data Log management editor.

Key Benefits:

  • Simplifies low level configuration and failure-diagnosis.
  • Can be used to access remote RHINO networks directly.

Download RFTT here.

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