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Control2Net fully supports Web Enabled Pulse Loggers (WEPM) and Web Enabled Electric Meters (WEM-MX) from Energy Tracking. Both types of hardware can be configured to send data to Control2Net server via FTP or email.

Control2Net has been used extensively with WEPM in the UK, both in small buildings as well as large office buildings with up to 280 meters.

We recommend WEPM  and WEM-MX wherever access to the building LAN is simple, where Ethernet jacks are close to metering points.


For further information about those products contact EnergyTracking.

OPC-enabled devices.

Control2Net supports the widely accepted industry standard OLE for Process Control (OPC). Supporting devices that that are provided with OPC-server can be done as a custom request.

Rational Network provides OPC server for Honeywell Fire Panels if needed.

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