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Our new revolutionary Control2Net Silver platform has now been released officially. This platform is based on the cutting edge Microsoft software technology; Silverlight. This new platform gives a total new user experience. It is more like a desktop application rather than "slow page refreshing" web application. Control2Net Silver can run inside a browser or outside the browser, just like a desktop application, but will anyway communicate with the back end server.

There is a lot of new features in this platform described in more details here.

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"Selected customers have been using a beta version of this platform for 4 months with very promising results" says Throstur Jonsson CEO of Rational Network (TJ).

"We have got very positive feedback from those users who like a lot the increased flexibility and performance compared to the old Control2Net Administrator, which was a conventional web application", TJ continues.

"We have been developing this platform for almost 3 years now. We have never been able to do this without the Silverlight technology that is targeted on complex enterprise web applications. We have invested a lot in this new technology. Therefore we are pleased hearing that Microsoft is going to support it until at least 2021. In addition the migration to Windows 8 Metro applications is the most straight forward from Silverlight. The Silverlight technology gives us very powerful platform for mobile devices like smart phones. So with this platform we have not only invested in the today technology, but also secured our investment best possible for the future", TJ says.

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