The Skogarorka Ecological Remote Heating System

03 About Skogarorka

Skogarorka ltd. runs the wood-chip district heating in Hallormsstadur, eastern Iceland. It has been equipped with Control2Net and RHINO PLC-based hardware to communicate via the existing power lines with all building it heats up.

The wood-chip boiler uses timber from the surrounding forests to provide heat and hot water in a self-sufficient and eco-friendly way. Considering the growing forest area in Iceland this form of energy consumption is a real alternative in cold areas, i.e. areas without geothermal energy.

Burning wood chips is a CO2 neutral energy source and therefore an eco-friendly choice. The amount of carbon dioxide emitted during the combustion of the chips is similar to the amount of CO2 emitted if the tree was to let die and rot.

The wood chip district heating is the first of its kind in Iceland. In Scandinavia and other parts of Europe, though, where firewood is available nearby, this kind of house heating has become very common.

The forest in Hallormsstadur is the most famous forest in Iceland and features the country´s highest trees. Therefore it suits that firewood from it is used to heat the community inside it.  Geothermal heat is not available in this area.

Control2NET Schematic Illustration

Control2Net Schematic Illustration

Boiler Station Setup

Boiler Station Setup

Bulding Setup

C2Net Screenshot



Installation Results

  • Landys + Gyr meters exstreemly easy to configure and connect.  The 2WR7 meters revealed to be simple plug and play.
  • Configuring the 4-20mA interface of the UH50 was easy and straight forward.
  • Landys + Gyr meters cost effective compared to competitors.
  • Integrating L+G meters with Rational Products is problem free.
  • Installing the Rational Products PLC based loggers was simple.
  • Powerline communication on the street grid  is perfect. Longest leg is around 400meter long. This is true although many pump motors and frequency regulators are on the grid.
  • Very satisfied customer, using the system daily.

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