Control2Net Profiler version 2 is released

A new release of Control2Net Profiler is now released. It is quite different from earlier versions. You now start selecting the building, meter, etc. and then the report type, etc.

There is a plenty of new features in this new version and more to come soon.
Secondly there is all large performance enhancement in this version.


Control2Net Silver lunched

Our new revolutionary Control2Net Silver platform has now been released officially. This platform is based on the cutting edge Microsoft software technology; Silverlight. This new platform gives a total new user experience. It is more like a desktop application rather than "slow page refreshing" web application. Control2Net Silver can run inside a browser or outside the browser, just like a desktop application, but will anyway communicate with the back end server.


The Skogarorka Ecological Remote Heating System

03 About Skogarorka

Skogarorka ltd. runs the wood-chip district heating in Hallormsstadur, eastern Iceland. It has been equipped with Control2Net and RHINO PLC-based hardware to communicate via the existing power lines with all building it heats up.

The wood-chip boiler uses timber from the surrounding forests to provide heat and hot water in a self-sufficient and eco-friendly way. Considering the growing forest area in Iceland this form of energy consumption is a real alternative in cold areas, i.e. areas without geothermal energy.

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