RHINO Field Test Tool:

Call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us for installation password and dongle if applicable.

Windows 32 bit, version 3.01, Build 111125A

Control2Net Documentation:

The Control2Net Silver platform is brand new .We are working on online documentation for it. Meanwhile there is a temporary documentation package that will give users a head-start using the software. Rhino Field Test Tool documentation is included with installation download above.

Temporary Documentation Package

RHINO Hardware Documentation:

Segment Builder Installation and Operation Manual

Segment Builder Specifications Sheet

Segment Builder Ordering Codes

DIN Logger Installers User's Guide

DIN Logger Specifications Sheet

DIN Logger Ordering Codes

Energy Tracking Loggers and Meters:

WEPM Installation and Operation Manual

WEMM Specifications


Rational Netowork - Download

Control2Net Access

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Include geolocation

Rational Network Saving Energy

Technology Development Fund

The DinGo project is grantet by Rannís Technology Development Fund.