Most of Rational Network direct clients are Solution Providers in many European countries. Only in Iceland we have end user clients.

Below is a sample collection of our Solution Providers in each European country with a samples of their end user clients. Feel free to contact any of our Solution Providers for information.
If you want to become our solution provider in your country do not hesitate contacting us.


Energcon is a RN/RP our certified Control2Net solution provider in Belgium. An example of end customers are Esso, Toyota and Coldset Printing Partners, server farms, many schools, etc.
Energcon is not only our solutoin provider but also one of our most important partners in the Benelux countries. They have long term expereince from our solutions. If you are located in one of the Benelux countries or France, feel free to contact Energcon for our solution.


Skogarorka ltd. runs the woodchip district heating in Hallormsstadur, eastern Iceland. It is equiped with a RHINO based solution from us, for Automatic Meter Reading and Alarming. Communication is via the existing street power-lines extending hundreds of metes.


Energcon. Se Belgium above.


Energcon. Se Belgium above.


Energy Management Group AS (EMG) is our sole solution provider in Norway. EMG is our first client with it's first installation in 2003, in a hotel chain in Norway. Since then EMG has installed hundreds of buildings with our solution. Those buildings range from Kinder-Gardens to commercial buildings like hotels, shopping malls and airports. EMG is our fastes growing client installing many buildings each week. Many of EMG clients have been very successful managing their energy by using our solution as a tool. Gaining 15-30% energy consumption reduction is common.

One of EMG biggest customers is the consulting firm AF Group. AF-Group has used our solution via EMG for 9 years with good results. Most of the reference cases the AF-Group refers to here, are installed with our solution.

If you are searching for Energy Management partner or consultant, we highly recommend EMG. They have long term experience in the field and are known to be successful, with quality services and products.

EMG is of course a certified Control2Net solutoin provider.


FinErgetic in cooperation with EMG in Norway is a Control2Net solution provider in Spain. Among end customers are hotels and commercial buildings. Most installations are  Energy Management solutions.


SetSquare Energy Ltd. in London, is a certified Control2Net solution provider in the UK. Their installations are mainly Energy Management and Automatic Meter Reading. Among those are, Mission Foods and one of the largest office buildings in Canary Wharf, London, with up to 200 meters installed in each.

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