Rational Network offer 4 main services for their customers as described below. If you need further information about any of those services do not hesitate contacting us.

Solution Provider Program.

This program is intended for our Control2Net solution providers. It includes:

  • Office hours phone & Skype support.
  • Premium email service. Every email request is replied within the next 24 hour, except weekends and holidays.

Site Configuration

This service is intended for those Control2Net solution providers, that only want to do the hardware setup, but let us take care of the software configuration in Control2Net. The service provider supplies us with installation details, like hardware mac-addresses, etc. on a predefined form. The solution provider is responsible for installing the hardware and get it connected to the Internet. From there we take over and configure the hardware as requested.

This service is charged per gateway and per channel (I/O). Any maintenance after the original setup is charged per session and per channel added.

Alarm monitoring.

This program is intended for our solution providers as well as their end customers. It involves 24/7/365 alarm monitoring and alarm management. Alarms are grouped in 3 groups:

  • End user alarms like high/low temperatures, etc.
  • Administrative Alarms, like hardware failure and power off.
  • Communication alarms, when setups are not accessible from the Internet or local network failures.

Rational Network Alarm Managers will monitor one or more of the above alarm types and respond as needed, possibly involving a phone call to an electrician to go on site for repair work, etc.

Custom Reports & Modules

To fulfill customers special needs we implement custom reports and and custom modules as needed in both Control2Net Profiler and Control2Net Silver. There are two types of such customizations:

  • General customization. In this cast the customer does not pay for the customization and Rational Network is allowed publish it to other Control2Net customers.
  • Special customization. In this case the customization is of such a nature that it is only valuable for the requesting customer. In this case we implement the customization on the customers cost.

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