Smart Grid

Smart Micro-Grids are modern, small-scale versions of the centralized electricity system. They achieve specific local goals, such as reliability, carbon emission reduction, diversification of energy sources, and cost reduction, established by the community being served. Like the bulk power grid, smart micro-grids generate, distribute, and regulate the flow of electricity to consumers, but do so locally. Smart micro-grids are an ideal way to integrate renewable resources on the community level and allow for customer participation in the electricity enterprise. They form the building blocks of the Perfect Power System.

As Smart Micro-Grids are all about distributing electricity in the neighborhood, our RHINO PLC technology fits perfectly to control and monitor grid-parameters. Combining RHINO PLC with Control2Net gives the total solution for overall monitoring and control. For example turning on washing machines when the sun is shining on the solar panels is a task that can easily be performed from our RHINO Din Loggers or Segment Builder. The local power-grid forms the control network, so no new wires are needed and the problem of wireless communications is eliminated.

Smart Grid

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