Device Monitoring

Monitor temperature, relative humidity, C02, differential pressure, light, door switches and other variables. Add new monitored points easily — no programming, no outsourcing, no extra services to purchase.

Monitoring is often combined with Alarming. With Control2Net Silver you can configure alarm conditions very easily. Max- and min values, differential levels, for how long time a certain value is allowed to be outside alarm boundaries without generating alarm, etc. Alarms are easily managed in our Silver platform and/or sent by email and/or SMS.

Currently we have many customers using Control2Net combined with PLC RHINO loggers that is the most easy monitoring solution to configure.
Among those customers is one of the largest gas stations chains in Europe, monitoring all their coolers and freezers  currently in Belgium and Holland.

With the PLC RHINO hardware we can easily provide you with the needed inputs for monitoring including:

  • Digital (On/Off)
  • 4-20mA
  • 0-10V
  • Temperature with digital sensors or PD100.

Remember that using this hardware solution, no new wires are needed as you create your own device network as soon as you install a RHINO based Segment Builder. All communication and transfer of data/alarms happen securely over the existing power-lines. So this is as close as it gets to a plug&play solution.

Device Monitoring

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