Energy Management

The Control2Net Platform provides the end customer with full Energy Management and targeting system.

Combining Control2Net with RHINO PLC based loggers gives the ultimate solution for energy management and targeting. Our Norwegian customers have been using this combined solution since 2003 with good results, where it is not uncommon to gain 12-30% energy savings.

We have followed the guidelines at Carbon Trust when implementing the Energy Management & Targeting solution in Control2Net. In addition we have taken into consideration our clients requirements, in Norway, UK and the Benelux countries.

This has given us a solution that encapsulates most of the needs in Europe.

Although we emphasize RHINO Data-Loggers, loggers and logging-meters from other vendors can of course also be used. For example we have many installations with loggers from Energy Tracking.

In addition data can be imported automatically from utility files via ftp and email. Currently we support many file formats and more will be added as needed.

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Energy Management

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