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Rational Network provides Distributed Device Management Solutions and services that will improves your energy consumption, lower costs, secures your business by monitoring & control, etc. Our solution is "a one stop shop solution". We provide you with both hardware and software to manage your devices, regardless if those are in a single building or street or distributed geographically over large area.

As our system is based on 100% web bases software and hardware that can use existing power-lines for communication the flexibility of the system is maximized. Wherever you have a device in the field you want to monitor or control we have the solution for you.

In addition we can take care of those devices for you if requested, monitoring your alarms and maintaining your device networks.

Currently we provide our customers with sophisticated solution for those business segments:

However as our system is designed with flexibility in mind we will add more segments as our customers request. All such implementations in our system are done in tight cooperation with our clients.


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Technology Development Fund

The DinGo project is grantet by Rannís Technology Development Fund.